Anonymous: meixinshi. because when this is on anon you won't know who it is.

you so funny. so so funny. 

i don’t even know how i began following this qt meimei. but she was so kawaii and fluffy and i wanted to squish her so badly and then one day she told me she realized that she wasn’t even following me and i was like,


i see how it is.

#don't go breakin my heart #sobbeuseu #meimei wo ai ni ok #/hugs #you so presh tho #jiejie doesn't want to corrupt you with her filthy ways #/sob #answer #xoxo #Anonymous
  1. 12overdoses said: 妹妹也爱你~ AND I ALWAYS THOUGHT I WAS FOLLOWING YOU BUT THEN I REALISED I GOT NOTIFS FOR YOUR REBLOGS AND I WAS LIKE WHUT ;A; i don’t even know why you started to follow my lq blog ;v; was it because i’m chinese. //chinese pride reasons OTL//
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